March 29th 2018

Not to be rude, I'm just hating on your rules
Like a young 50, I'm on my world tour
Good morning, Singapore, I'm bringing the sun with me
From the Robert Taylor homes to Africa's slum cities
- Lupe Fiasco

Man, weren't we just in Bangkok last week?

Well that was last week, and this is Sandbox VR - we just don't stop.

We're LIVE in Singapore my friends!

And we didn't just put it in any location. No no no.

We put it in one of the best malls in all of Singapore: Orchard Central. I mean, just look at her:


We're right there on the 5th floor and you can see us from the streets, here in the retail and entertainment hub of Singapore.

Not only are we connected to landmarks such as [email protected] and Orchard Gateway, we're also directly accessible from the Somerset MRT station.

Img 9623 1024x768

This place is a truly state of the art beauty: we've got two full size sandboxes, equipped with the latest in Sandbox VR hardware: haptics, props, headsets, and interior design.

Our place is perfect for a couple's night out, or a team building event for up to 30 of you fine people.

Img 9626

You should book now while you still can. 🙂

Much ❤,

Sandbox VR