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Sandbox VR is the world’s first hyper reality VR franchise. We create untethered room-scale VR experiences using haptic technology and exclusive content. We combine the latest in VR hardware, movie quality real-time motion capture technology and exclusive AAA game experiences to deliver the best VR experience in the world to our guests.  Our proprietary Demand Generation Engine creates viral marketing outreach with every play session.

What makes the Sandbox VR experience different?

There are lots of ways to experience VR content, but immersion in the content is what sets us apart. Sandbox experiences are untethered - guests have freedom to move around the space. There are no wires or restrictions on movement. We use haptic technology to bring in the sense of touch, allowing guests to feel what's happening around them. Movie quality motion capture means actions are smooth, realistic and immersive. Our experience puts you into the story in a way no other media can.

What the press is saying about us:

David Jagneaux, Upload VR  

  • “...the second game I tried is what really blew me away.” (The Curse of Davy Jones)

Charlie Fink, Forbes

  • It’s stuck with me for a few reasons. It’s fun. And it really forces activity and interaction with others in the simulation."

Napier Lopez, The Next Web

  • “Sandbox takes immersion a step further by incorporating motion capture technology for more realistic movements and in-game actions.”

Kif Leswing, Business Insider

  • “It's a fun way to spend a day, even if it is a little bit intense. It was certainly more immersive than VR games I've played at home.”

Chris Davies, Slashgear:  

  • “If the Star Trek Holodeck is the virtual reality dream, then Sandbox VR has got closer than most.”


Sandbox VR is looking for franchisees to help us build the future of entertainment. We have locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. We are looking for experienced business partners to expand globally.  We provide the system, content and marketing engine to make your franchise successful

Our experience is the intersection of virtual reality and the experience economy. Positive reviews of our unique experience brought the attention of IMAX VR and a group of world class investors. Now it's your turn - contact us today to learn more about how you can be a part this ground floor opportunity.

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This is your chance to own an exciting new business backed by ground breaking technology and be part of the birth of a new medium for entertainment that we believe will without question be more impactful than movies one day.

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