February 27th 2018

Sah wah dee khrap from Bangkok!

I would usually scream all over this intro
But I'ma let my friends tell you
We global
We global now
We made it

- DJ Khaled

We just launched in Thailand!

In partnership with IMAX, you can now play Deadwood Mansion on your next trip to beautiful Bangkok.

We had a huge launch event, and we took some pictures for you.

We got to walk the red carpet with the stars, hang with the elites, hobnob with the celebs, photobomb the Instafluencers.

It was a big deal.

Here's what it looked like.

These are famous people. Like super famous.

You can already tell from their poses these are totally famous people.

I'm telling you. They are so famous.

And famous people are always so attractive. We're going to be so attractive when we're famous.

You just watch.

Here's some more famous people talking about how excited they are about us:

It makes sense though, because let's be real, We're a lot of fun at parties. We're a non-walking, non-talking, cutting edge virtual reality non-stop party.

I mean, look at this! Can you even quantify how much fun they're having? Numbers don't even go up that high!

We're looking at at least an 11 here:

Aim up!

So that's it.

You guys, we're live in freaking Thailand. This is actually a thing that happened!

Thailand is my favorite country and now we're going to be there all the time. Literally.

Find us here next time you're in town:

Imax Vr Google Maps

We'll be jetsetting to more places soon, so we'll keep ya'all posted.

Much ❤,
Sandbox VR